Dating is not only a booty call, 8 skills make the relationship more intimate

Two people in love dating, do not spend all day just want to be okay about booty call? Want a more intimate relationship between two people naturally have other skills, of course, do not do will have the opposite effect,… Continue Reading


Signs and tips that your boyfriend will soon dump you


When a relationship ends, we tend to wonder where it went wrong. Were there any warning signs that he lost interest? YES. But you were so wrapped up in the relationship or with other things that you didn’t even see… Continue Reading


The power of positive thinking

positive thinking

Virtually every self-help book on the market have one thing in common – expressing the importance of being positive to increase your happiness and well-being. There have been many studies done on the power of positive thought and the conclusions… Continue Reading


Ladies Love Unavailable Men

Love tips

It seems she’s everywhere. That Girl. She may be eyeing you from across a crowded dance floor while she grinds seductively against her girl friend. She could be your “platonic” friend who seems to be in a perpetual state of… Continue Reading